My Thougts About CALL

     This is my last reflection.I learned a lot of things in this lesson thanks to my teacher.He tried to introduce useful things inspite of our limited time.Initially I was worried about this lesson but then I was relaxed because my teacher explained every topic in detail.The tools that I used in this lesson will be useful for my teaching life because they are attractive for students.

   At begining of the semester, I didn’t understand this lesson and I found it useless but then I began to enjoy in the lesson.Then I used what we learned in practice teaching lesson. I used my storytelling  for 5th grade lesson.They liked it and participated lesson actively.Thanks to CALL, the lesson I taught became student-centered.They didn’t get bored in the lesson.
       Now I think the tools what we learned are useful and they can be used for all learning levels and for 4 skills reading,listening,speaking and writing.For example, we can use podcasts for developing listening and speaking.Also we can use digital storytelling.Thanks to our teacher, each member of class downloaded their storytelling in blogger.Now we have  a lot of storytelling 🙂 I will use these storytelling in the future when I become a teacher.

    Last week we learned Second Life.It can be used for improving writing skills.Writing is a boring process for students but thanks to this application,it can be enjoyable.Also we can use mobile application for long duration learning.
     To sum up, my opinon changed completely at the end of semester.Accordng to my opinion we learned useful application that can be used when we become a teacher.Thanks to this lesson, I learned that technology facilitates students’ learning.


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