Reflection 8 Online Conference Tools

In this lesson, we learned online conference tools.We examined WiziQ.Although I couldn’t practise it because of crowded class,I liked it.If we wanted to teach a group who are foreign countries,this tool would be useful.

In this tool have many advantages.I want to mention about them.

Firstly,a teacher can upload powerpoint,word or video in this tool.If a teacher wants to teach a speaking lesson,s/he can use this website because in this website,when the teacher allows the students to use microphone or webcam,they can speak.

Secondly,all of the students can use whiteboard if teacher allow the students to use.Also the students can chat and asks the teacher questions when they have a trouble.

Finally,I will sign in this website and I think that I will participate a conference.I want to see how it would be.


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