Reflection 5 (Mobile Learning)

We have learned new things again 🙂 Teacher explained some applications in the lesson.These are: G-mail,Pressreader,Feedly,Skype,Flipboard,Ted Talks,Edmodo Group,Socrative Teacher,Dropbox,Twitter,Google Reader and QR Droid.

Actually,this lesson attracted me.I want to mention some application which I liked.

Firstly,I think downloading Pressreader application.It looks like a newspaper.People can read a lot of newspaper thanks to this application.

Secondly,I liked socrative teacher application.We can use it for teaching.In this application, teacher asks some questions and students give answer “Yes” or “No”.I want to use this application for my students.

Finally,our teacher advised us using dropbox application.It looks like Google Drive but I think that Dropbox is more useful than Google Drive.In this application, people create a file together.I will use a file with my close friend:)

To sum up,this lesson was enjoyable and instructive.I will use these applications 🙂


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